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Insolvency & Restructuring Law

We act for clients (either individuals or companies) in financial difficulties. Restructuring is usually the first stage in the process of agreeing a way forward with creditors in order to manage repayment of the debt, without the client becoming insolvent.

We as a restructuring lawyer, we may be acting for either debtors or creditors. The work you undertake would be non-contentious and involve negotiating agreements and repayment schedules to enable the creditor to pay off the debt without becoming insolvent.

As an insolvency lawyer, we may be acting for either debtors or creditors, but the work will be contentious are engaged in all stages of the insolvency process, from negotiating company voluntary arrangements, to administration and receivership. We are also engaged in the liquidation stage, where the individual or company’s assets are taken to pay off the outstanding monies owed.

The precise nature of the work will depend to a large extent on the type of firm of work for and the clients we represent. For instance, we LJD Associate are more likely to act for banks or investors in cases of big corporate restructurings and insolvency. Smaller firms also we usually represent smaller companies or individuals in financial difficulty.

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